Jeff has worked on various studio recording projects over the years. Below is a compilation of various recordings where Jeff's contributions can be found.

Session WORK

Ray Charles  - "Just Between Us" 1988 / “The Spirit Of Christmas" 1985 

Joe Cocker - “One Night Of Sin" 1989 

Shawn Colvin - " Fat City " 1992 

Phil Collins -“Plays Well With Others” 2018

Crosby, Pevar & Raymond - “CPR" 1998 / "Just Like Gravity” 2001 / ”Live at The Wiltern" 1999/ “Live at Cuesta College” 1998 

David Crosby - “SkyTrails” 2017 / “Voyage” 2006 / “It's All Coming Back To Me Now" 1995 / "Thousand Roads" 1993 

David Crosby & Graham Nash - "Crosby & Nash" 2004  

Robbie Dupree - "Smoke & Mirrors" 1997 / “Arc Of A Romance” 2012 

Cliff Eberhardt  - “The Long Road" 1990 / "Mona Lisa Cafe" 1995 

Rickie Lee Jones - "The Magazine"  1984 

Chaka Khan - "The Woman I Am" 1992

Tony Levin - "Waters of Eden" 2000 

Kenny Loggins - “How About Now” 2007

Meatloaf - “The Essential Meat Loaf“  2011 

Graham Nash - “Reflections” 2009

Laura Nyro - "Angel in the Dark" 2000  

Prefab Sprout - "The Gunman and Other Stories" 2001 

Michael Ruff  - “Once In A Lifetime" 1984 / “Shake A Little" - 1997 

Carly Simon - "Romulus Hunt" 1993 / “Film Noir" 1997 

Jefferson Starship - “Air Play” - 2011

James Taylor - "That's Why I'm Here" 1985 

David Wilcox - “The View From The Edge” - 2019 /  "Big Horizon"  1994 

More Recordings

5th Avenue Band, A Little Less Blue, Gaetane Abrial, Greg Allman, Assembly Of Dust, Aztec Two-Step, Maia Amada, Constance Amiot, Anastasia & John, Antara & Delilah, Baby Miss Julia, Jim Barbaro, Jim Barile, Kate Bennett, Jeff Bisch, Gerrard Blanc, Delaney Bramlett, Bread & Butter, The Breakfast, The Brothers Reed, Nona Brown, Julie Catlin Brown, Jackson Browne, Gary Burr, Cornflower, Cindy Bullens, Jack Caldwell, Glen Campbell, Cast Of Clowns, The Castle Jazz-Fusion Band, Joe Cerisano, Robert Lee Chafee, Chattering Magpies, Scott Childs, Linda Chorney, Lui Collins, Liza Constable, John Coster, Mark Curry, Stan Davis, Tom Dean, Kieran Devine, Devonsquare, Ed Desjardins, Alice DiMicele, Becky Durango, Cliff Eberhardt, Jeff Elliot, Seth Farber, Michael Lee Farley, Doug Fergus, Thomas Fersen, Alex Forbes, Forest Fox, Freebo, Alan Friedman, Stefano Frollano, Peter Gallway, Gary & The Moodswingers, Mike Gordon, Dave Gott, George T Gregory, Lorin Hart, Frankie Hernandez, Jenai Huff, Human Revolution, Caroline Horn, Doug Ingoldsby, Willi Jones, Dave Keyes, Nirinjan Kaur, Kirka, Cathy Kreger, Russell Kleinknecht, Wendy Lands, Jeff Larson,  Lenny Leblanc, LEFT, Peter Lehndorf, Fred LessmanBret Levick, Joe Linus, Little Blue, David Lockwood, Crosby Loggins, Francesco Lucarelli, Eric Lynn, Beth Malone, Donna Martin, Annie Mac, Lachlan MacLearn,  Mad Agnes, Masdongar, Sylvia Massey, Scott Mayo, The Mayocks, Pat McGee, Marion Meadows, Marianus, Clement Masdongar, The Medicine Band, Joey Melotti, Erica Miller, The Mix, Mohigan Allstars, Jenny Muldaur, Pete Nelson, Aaron Nicholson, Stephen Nystrup, Yoko Ono, Jon Phelps, Tom Pirozzoli , Mo Pleasure, Dana Pomfret, Steve Postell, Wayne Powell, Liz Queller, Raphael, Brook Ramel, Preston Reed, Sophie Reed, Chris Robinson, Rogue Suspects, RxR, Kay Rose, Eugene Ruffolo, Rachael Sage, Samite, Tony Saunders, Brad Schumann, The Scoldees, John Sheldon, Jon Smith, T-KA, Greg Tennent, Fred Thomas, Thomasina, Susan Toney, Greg Tressel, Karen Thurber, Freddy V, Peter Valentine, Steve Vozzolo, Elric Walker, Jamie Walker, Jeremy Wall, Jimmy Webb, Turk Wilder, Willie & Lobo, Emily Yanek, Steve Yanek, Matt Zeiner, Zorki, and many others.